The Refuge Center for Women International 501(c)(3) 

The Refuge 

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a safe place for women


  The mission of The Refuge is to provide a safe place where shelter resistant, chronically homeless women can heal spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally within the safety of a support community so that they may re-enter the lives they were designed to live.   


  The Refuge will focus on people first, leaning towards wholeness before independent, permanent housing. It will seek to provide the comfort and safety of a loving home wherein multiple guests will regain trust in themselves, others and God. Thus, they can embrace the tools necessary to heal and begin living the lives they were created to live. Women who leave The Refuge will be self-sufficient, re-integrated, involved, connected and compassionate members of the community who will thrive and one day mentor others on their healing journey.   


  The Refuge Center for Homeless Women  is a non profit organization that seeks to provide an earthly manifestation of God’s constant and unwavering provision and love for all his children. Thus, everyone who enters The Refuge…whether as a guest or volunteer, will be woven into a loving community where trust can be built and hope can be restored. What does this look like? Long term investment in relationships. Transformation takes time…so that is the first thing we must offer at The Refuge…our time. Every woman’s healing journey is different. For some, it will take months or years to learn to trust again. We do not provide a “one size fits all” timeline for our program. What we do provide is an unwavering, long-term commitment to every woman, just as God is unwaveringly committed to us. We offer listening ears. open hearts, sensitive spirits, vulnerability. Before any real programming can begin, a sense of safety, acceptance and trust must be established. We want the women of The Refuge to know, first and foremost, they are seen, known and loved right now…they do not need to do anything to earn our acceptance.  Our programming will focus on:  · Spiritual wellness  · Accountability/responsibility · Creativity  · Celebrations of life · Integration with each other and with the community at large · Individuality